Learn what it takes to lead a group tour and travel abroad for free!

What makes a successful group tour?


An excited group leader, passionate about traveling to a specific place with a purpose!

The tour leader should have some sort of following or network that shares a common interest.

Your following may be an interest group or club, a church or ministry, a school, your field of work, etc.

Here are some examples:

-A church group visits the Holy Land of Israel or traces the steps of Paul in Turkey and Greece.

-A group serious about cooking takes a culinary tour through France or a beef tour through Argentina.

-A school choir tours and performs in historical sites in Europe.


A great tour leader will be willing to promote the tour by talking about it among their circles of interest,

as well as sharing it in other ways, such as handing out flyers or social media.


What We Do

We will tailor an itinerary based on the interests and preferences of the group, taking care of all the details.

We will design an electronic flyer the tour leader can print and disperse.

We will advertise your tour on our website and Facebook page.


What we can offer you

Free travel for the group leader(s), if minimum group size is reached.


Travel Parallel as we journey with a Purpose.

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